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  • Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • MyQ Technology


  • Control Panel: Premium multifunction control panel turns garage door opener lights on and off, while locking out all outside radio signals for your ultimate convenience. Also re-codes remote signals. Includes Model 373LM Security+ multifunction remote control.
  • Safety Features: The Protector System projects an invisible light beam across the inside of the garage door opening. If anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down, The Protector System automatically reverses the door before making contact. This feature insures the safety of small children and pets.
  • Security: Advanced technology is your defense against burglars. Fully equipped with sophisticated "code grabber" devices this model protects you from theft by screening any and all fabricated codes.
  • Superior Mechanics: Powerful, super quiet Motor Vibration Isolation System provides smooth-running, trouble-free operation year after year. It's the latest breakthrough in garage door opener noise reduction.
  • Noise Dampening Foam: Encases the entire inner chassis so the powerful motor and gear mechanism run quietly.

Optional Accessories

Keyless Entry: Anti-burglary coding and more. Mounts easily and securely to garage door jamb. Just enter your personal 4-digit security code and open without any remote controls or keys. Illuminated for nighttime use.
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Enables Smartphone Control - For LiftMaster® MyQ®-Enabled Garage Door Openers
  • Garage and Gate Monitor
  • Remote Light Control
  • Remote Light Switch

  • Learn more about the MyQ Mobile App